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Тема: DIGITECH RP-20 Tube Guitar Preamp/Multi-effects floor processor
город: Moscow цена: Время: 06.01.2009 17:04 

The RP20 Valve was the first ever, fully programmable Tube Guitar Preamp/Multi-effects floor processor for studio
or live applications. It was designed to provide you with great Valve preamp tones and lush digital effects at your feet and finger-tips.
This is achieved by having easy-access parameter controls directly in front of the user, providing instant control over principle aspects of their sound.
The digital effects of the RP20 Valve can be moved around within configurations, giving the RP20 Valve the best combination of flexibility
and ease of use. A unique feature in this product is its Dual distortion paths. The RP20 Valve has the ability to run Tube and Solid State
Distortions in parallel. They can even be panned hard Left/Right to produce mammoth guitar sounds. These dual paths also allow very
Smooth morphing from Clean to Distorted tones.
The S-DISC II offers a seemingly endless menu of pristine digital effects, that can provide the user with almost any effect imaginable.
The RP-20 Valve was the only Tube preamp/Multi-effects floor processor of its kind. Also featured a custom LCD display along with button illumination.
The unit is in great shape with the usual scratches and dings that acompany any unit used live. It functions flawlessly with one exception.
The "Program" button used to access the program parameters is dirty and sometimes nedds to be pressed more than once to access the programe page.
However it has never failed, so I have not found the need to fix it.
DIGITECH RP-20 - 350$USA - (495)504-96-86
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