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Тема: Stratocaster HARDTAIL Guitar
город: Москва цена: 20.000 руб Время: 09.06.2009 16:16 

20.000 рублей
Stratocaster HARDTAIL Guitar Creamy Antique w/ 24 Fret 25.5" Scale Neck
Item Specifics - Electric Guitars
Condition: Used
Brand : Solid Alder Body Hand : Right
Type : 24 Fret Neck w/ 16" Radius String Configuration : 6 String
Style : NEW Electrics Vintage 60s RI Fender Stratocaster Model, Series : New "Gold" Hipshot Hardtail Bridge
Color : Cream Edition : Fender Atomic & Seymore Duncan Pearly Gates PUPS

Great Guitar for Beginners; Stays in Tune Forever
Guitar looks, sounds, and plays great. Beginners don't have to constantly fight a tremelo to tune up, and Intermediates will appreciate the easy play 16" Radius Neck w/ rounded edges and no sharp fret ends. Also, neck is DOUBLE ADJUSTABLE style and that comes in handy sometimes. The string nut is a Fender graph Tech with a smaller radius than fretboard. I was going to put in an Ibanez nut but the guitar played just great the way it is, although somone may want to experiment with a different nut to see if the action gets even better. A tap or two and the nut will pop right out. Also, the center support on bottom of nut could be filed some and nut will flatten out. Maple Fretboard w/ Medium Size Polished Frets. Body is an aftermarket Solid Alder w/ Trem pocket filled w/ epoxy. There is an outline of the infill on back of guitar. Also,a small one on front at bottom edge of bridge, but could not get that one to show up on camera. They have no affect to the structure or playability of guitar. Easy Access added to Body at neck mounting area. There are a couple of small chips and dents in body but are not large enough to be noticed unless you are very close. Not sure what kind of finish was used but has an antique look to it. Not too shiney with slight checking in places. New High Quality "Gold" Hardware and pickguard($40) from Allparts. Guitar is set up with 10's and plays great. Temperature & Humidity affect neck relief; acclimate for 24 hours before final adjustments. There is the very slightest string buzz on only a couple of frets, but not enough to be heard through speakers or distract in any way. May even clear up after more break-in time. There is over $500 in NEW Parts alone, so you are still way ahead even if neck is not 100%. I enjoy the way it plays and sounds now, anyway, at 98%. I'd rather have a little lower action with minor buzz than having to work to hold down high strings.
There is much more mass with infill. It seems the guitar has the tone of a little bit tighter grained wood but the Alder supplies the main vibes. Guitar weighs 7lbs 4.4ozs. NEW Fender Atomic 7.9K Humbucker w/ Alnico II Magnets @ neck. Used Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Alnico II @ bridge has a Texas Blues & Rock sound. NEW CTS Pots & 5-way switch are from a Vintage 60s RI USA Fender Stratocaster. Both PUPS have 4 wire leads so you can wire the 5-way for coil splitting. It is wired as a 3-way on-off-on at present.
Тема: Re: Stratocaster HARDTAIL Guitar
Время: 13.06.2009 23:05 
PRS CE22 Custom

Самопал что ли??????
Тема: Re: Stratocaster HARDTAIL Guitar
Время: 07.12.2009 08:32 

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