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Тема: продам Fender Mustang USA 1969г. вып.
город: москва цена: 2350 Время: 29.01.2011 19:39 

Продаю Fender Mustang USA 1969г. выпуска, серии COMPETITION (серия посвящена гонкам NASCAR), о чём свидетельствуют полосы на корпусе и цвет Орандж - цвет команды DODGE- наиболее редкий. Всё родное ,состояние идеальное, а для 42лет, просто шикарное. Гитара звучит так, как и звучали Фендера 60х. Гитара выпущена 16марта 1969г.
Вот инфа по гитаре

Guitar Info
Your guitar was made at the
Fullerton Plant (Fender - CBS Era), USA
in the Year(s): 1969

Fender: Fullerton

The Fullerton factory opened in 1946, Fullerton California with the first major electric solid body guitar production began in 1950 with the Broadcaster (later known as the Telecaster). Sold in 1965 to CBS who in 1985 sold Fender to a group of private investors the plant was not included in that sale and was subsequently closed.

Вот звучание Мустанга 60х и мой звучит не хуже
Рассмотрю варианты обмена с доплатой в мою сторону.
Гитара в Москве тел. 8-901-535-48-18 Григорий
Вот цена на подобную гитару, но в худшем, чем моя состоянии.
http://cgi.ebay.com/1969-FENDER-MUSTANG-CANDY-APPL E-MATCHING-HEADSTOCK-/120667689503?pt=UK_Musical_I nstruments_Guitars_C...c185ad21f#rpdId
А вот описание подобной гитары
Rare Vintage 1969 Competition Orange Fender Mustang Guitar

OVERVIEW: You are bidding on a completely original vintage American-made Orange Fender Competition Mustang. The guitar is in very good condition and comes with its original hard shell case. Competition Orange is the rarest of the three competition colors (red, orange, blue). Plays great.

DEsorry_but_any_sorry_but_any_script_is_not_allowe d_is_not_allowedION: This Mustang is in very good shape for being 41 years old. The neck is straight and the frets are in great shape. All the electronics work fine and the guitar is completely functional. It comes with its original trem arm and original case (pictured). The case is a silver tolex hardshell case with an orange plush interior. The case and latches are in good working condition. Competition Mustangs have become very popular due to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. (Kurt Cobain played a left-handed 1969 competition blue mustang in his “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video). Competition Orange was the least requested / produced color of the competition mustangs and therefore is the hardest color to find.

BODY: The body sports a vibrant orange finish and reddish colored competition rally stripes. Like most vintage Fenders there’s some checking of the finish on the guitar. As far as wear, there are plenty of small dings, scratches, and wear on the front and back of the guitar. The back of the guitar has some belt buckle rash. The pearloid pickguard is in good shape with no cracks but does have a little warping. The chrome pieces on the body are in good shape. Comes with the original trem arm and a reissue bridge cover.

NECK: The 24” scale neck features a matching headstock and a rosewood fretboard. The neck has is it's original finish and the decal is in tact. The original "F" tuners remain in good shape. The back of the maple neck is pretty clean. (see pictures) The serial number on the F plate is #257XX. Truss rod works and the frets are in great shape.
Тема: Re: Fender Mustang USA 1969г. вып.
Время: 05.02.2011 23:47 

Да гитарка чёцкая конечно!!!
Тема: Re: Fender Mustang USA 1969г. вып.
Время: 07.02.2011 23:51 

Офигеть, гитара по данной мне ссылке на ЕВАУ в несравненно худшем состоянии, ушла за 2567 долларов.
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