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“ема: Hello Russian Musicians!
город: ћосква ƒемо: Ќет ¬рем€: 01.09.2012 23:25 

Hi guys,
My name is Nadav and IТm new here. I'm a guitar player and prog metal producer (check out my Youtube channel here: ).

I'm also looking for a singer for my project Epos, and actually been looking for musicians for a long time... So I built a site that i hope can help musicians find each other. I hope this doesnТt sound like a commercial or something like that, because, itТs not... And I'm not writing on behalf of a big company. I'm just another musician that got tired of looking for other musicians and not finding them.

Two years ago me and some of my friends started this project and called it Muselinked. Basically, we wanted to build a site with a search engine in which you can write who you're looking for, like 'drummer' or 'singer' or 'bass player' and so on... and get a list of people. So thatТs what we did.

We went online just a week ago, and made a short video that further explains how it works. You can check it out here:

I believe that if we have enough people on Muselinked, musicians wonТt have this problem and will be able to find each other with ease. if you find this useful to you, let me know.
IТd love to hear some feedback.


“ема: Re: Hello Russian Musicians!
¬рем€: 08.09.2012 03:04 

hi) write please
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