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Тема: CHARVEL 4str bass
Время: 12.03.2009 11:28 

CHARVEL 4str bass маде ин ЮСА отдам в хорошие руки за 2000 грн.
Электрика нуждается в ремонте. Один датчик родной, в бридже димарзио ультраджазз.
Сама доска сзади - имеет трещины лака собственно и цена значительно снижена из за внешнего вида и необходимости приведения сего инструмента в боевую единицу.

CHARVEL - подразделение ДЖЕКСОНА. Серийник присутствует - 147784. Механика ГРОВЕР.

Charvel Vintage Guitars

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It is always fascinating to hear how the creation of a vintage guitar came about. Sometimes the stories are about people that created their famous guitars by a fluke, while others claim that they struggled greatly to create the guitar. The creation of the Charvel guitar is by far one of the most interesting stories available.

At the tender age of 5, Wayne Charvel learned how to play the guitar. After playing for just two years, he quit, only to find his passion for the instrument resurface when he was 15. At that age, he bought his very first Fender guitar, and put many tedious hours into rebuilding the guitar. It was because of the time that he used to tinker with his guitar that he became interested in repairing and refinishing other guitars as well. After repairing and restoring guitars for many friends and acquaintances, Wayne realized that he could easily go into repairing guitars as a full time job.

Shortly after opening his repair shop, Wayne Charvel was offered a position with Fender. He worked for them for approximately three years, only to open up his own repair shop in 1974. It was through his repair shop and Fender that he earned even a larger customer base, even pulling in famous musicians and bands. After creating jack plates, and other custom pieces, Wayne caught on that it would be best for him to create his own guitars. Thus begins the history of the Charvel guitar.

It has been through much dedication, drive, and ambition that the Charvel guitar has succeeded so well. Vintage Charvel guitars sell at reasonable rates, and are often found online and through the Charvel store itself. To this day, Wayne Charvel and his oldest son, Michael, oversee and create the Charvel guitar. The "Wayne" guitar has also made its debut in the past few years, and has started off at such a great success. Through the years, Charvel guitars have proven to be a hot commodity amongst vintage guitars.

The earliest Charvels have no serial numbers, only a "made in USA" mark on the back of the neck plate.
Year Serial Number
1981 1001-1095
1982 1096-1724
1983 1725-2938
1984 2939-4261
1985 4262-5303
1986 5304-5491

Первым 20ти позвонившим написавшим и постучавшим скидки!!! )))))))))))))))


400589444 - isq
Тема: Re: CHARVEL 4str bass
Время: 12.03.2009 15:55 

фотки бы
Тема: Re: CHARVEL 4str bass
Время: 12.03.2009 16:44 

Тема: Re: CHARVEL 4str bass
Время: 12.03.2009 17:03 

без регистрации бы
Тема: Re: CHARVEL 4str bass
Время: 12.03.2009 17:22 

Могу выслать на мэйл или в аське
Тема: Re: CHARVEL 4str bass
Время: 25.03.2009 23:15 

Продано :super:
Тема: Re: CHARVEL 4str bass
Время: 26.03.2009 00:31 

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